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"Hollywood Looks"

For all those movie-goers out there, you'll probably recognise the above image from the hilarious romantic comedy "Somethings Gotta Give" that graced the silver screen back in 2003. What you might not be aware of is that the films writer, director and producer, Nancy Meyers, also designed the above set among many others. Nancy is a creative genius, responsible for the fabulous sets seen in movies like "The Holliday" and "Father of the Bride". Her famous designs have gone on to influence decades of interior decor, due to the way in which comfort and elegtance are combined to provide elegant and cmaera friendly spaces. With 'New England' style growing in popularity this side of the Atlantic, we decided to re-examine the above set and break it down for our readers, providing images of the components that go into making schemes like this one so succesful.

Center lights should be kept simple and elegant, like this one - a paired down interpretation of the traditional chandelier.

To ensure your interiors provides the warmth and glow of the above set, ensure dark wall spaces are illuminated. This lamp is a perfect example!

Sofas, walls and armchairs should be kept neutral, colour can be injected into the room throught the use of cushions and accesories, this will keep the space feeling light, airy and crisp.

To achieve a simmilar look to the one above, stick to blue and grey tones with warmer linen fabrics. Stripes like these are great for the 'New Enlgand' look.

Cushions are an effective and easy way to make your room feel more comfortable! Try to keep them within the same colour family to prevent your space from appearing too busy.

Since the making of "Somethings Gotta Give" in 2003, we have seen a huge influxo f painted and stressed furniture on the market. It proves a popular and fashionable choice due to the honest and natural look it evokes.  

By using table lamps and other forms of lighting at different levels throughout the room, the space will appear more comfortable and welcoming.

Quiet and beautiful: The Jute rug is a no brainer for this particular look. Its rough, natural texture, will bring a warmth to any room, and will complete this scheme wonderfully.