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"Let them Eat Cake"

Lavish gowns, fabulous footwear, and hairstyles that incorporated everything from fruit to diamonds; Marie-Antoinette was the epitome of elegance and extravagance. This spread far beyond her wardrobe however; she lived in a world of flowers and feathers, beauty and indulgence, perhaps created to counterbalance a life that was somewhat less perfect. To this day, however, she has influenced fashion, art and interior design, providing us with the inspiration to create chintzy, feminine spaces, oozing with charm and prettiness.

Comfort is essential in creating this look succesfully. Choose seating that encourages the user to recline and relax, like this chaise longue pictured above.

Mirrored finishes are a fabulous way to create a delicate feel to any piece, enhancing the feminine look.

While upholstry should be kept relatively quiet, go to town on other fabrics. For cushions, throws and curtains, use big floral prints and pastel colours. Be frivolous!

Camouflage radiators by using elegant covers like this one pictured. This will assure a seamless scheme. Attention to detail is crucial!

This bed can be adorned with any fabric you choose due to the plain upholstery. The options are limitless!

Use ornate mirrors to reflect natural light and enhance the look.

Accessorising is crucial in creating this look. Think controlled clutter – perfume bottles, masks, busts, jewellery boxes – everything and anything ornate and beautiful

Glass chandeliers will bounce the light delicately around the room, while simple table lamps will provide light in dark spots while allowing you accessories to take centre stage.