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I was called in  as the Interior Designer on Ripple a Container Home to provide interim housing for St. Vincent De Paul.
by Derek Treneman of Ceardean ( and Carol Tallon (

It was an interesting opportunity and a challenge. The build was over 4 days in IMMA ( Irish Museum of Modern Art) so organisation was 
key and space was minimal! In a past career I worked as a container controller and was used to seeing containers on the back of trailers and 
I never expected that nearly 17 years later I would be designing the interior of a container.

When I called to site to see the container in its raw state with a side cut out of it, I did have a moment of doubt where I thought will everything fit!! 
even though I had the comfort of architectural plans from Derek! 

A mammoth task was ahead of us all, early mornings, late nights and caffeine overdose for 4 days to create a home in which a family could live.
I was working with a completely new team of tradesmen that I had not worked with before and had only met briefly and also the presence of a camera crew daily from
ROAR media!! 

I have to say it was it was a brilliant experience. The crew were all amazing and we all worked as a team who had been together for years on projects.
I even got over my camera shyness this was due to Tom from ROAR media sitting in the front seat of my tiny car while I drove to suppliers with a huge camera in my face
interviewing me!! 

At the end we completed a beautiful home which will be used for a great purpose. Thanks to all my suppliers who donated and fitted a huge number of items free of charge & thank you to Charley F Photography for the use of the photos. 

SKI Interiors 



"Dressed to Thrill"

Above is a spread of Louis Vuittons Autumn/ Winter collection that grace the pages of fashion magazines such as "Vogue" and "Love". As can be seen this is a collection heavily influenced by the Downton and also the Gatsby craze sweeping through the world of fashion. It seems at a glance, quintessentially Edwardian - polished, elegant and chic. With closer examination however, we begin to notice fashion pieces more common in the 60's and 70's - retro styles re-interpreted for the catwalk. In the following, we will translate this idea into an interior design scheme, illustrating how an Edwardian look can be achieved through the use of both traditional and modern furniture.  

A View of the Edwardian parlour. Noticed the way controlled clutter is used to fill the space without looking untidy. Quiet wall coverings and good light allow for more furniture, paintings and general chintz. A feast for the eye!

This very retro sofa, suggest the style of Queen Anne (that was popular during the 1900's) without being a literal reproduction. Cool, classy and chic!

Those of you out there who enjoy musicals will remember the dress worn to the races by Audrey Hepburn in the Edwardian based musical "My Fair Lady". Here black and white stripe play a more contemporary part on this otherwise traditional piece.

Classical furniture played a key role in the design of the Edwardian parlour. Slightly more detailed then our other furniture, this piece would act as a focal point in any room.

The cabinet. A giant box where the family junk can be tucked away out of site. A piece of furniture as essential today as it was a hundred years ago. This piece is very 60's, though the high polished finish is a match to that found in the great drawing rooms of the early 20th century. An understated touch of elegance.

Ideal for coats and cases, this piece would look fabulous in any entrance hall. Reminiscent of another age of travel yet finished in a modern nickel coat.

Again, another classic, functional and beautiful item. Originally chests were used for transporting luggage, but today they can be found in finest interiors. This beautiful wood will also match our cabinet and carry the colour through.

Traditional style with a touch of steam punk. Illuminate dark corners with this quirky wall light - an echo of the gas lamp that featured in most home at the dawn of the Edwardian era.

A traditional concept in a modern form. This cut glass chandelier is sure to enhance our timeless scheme. 

This cute side table again suggests a more glamorous age of travel. Old idea, modern concept.

Dress your furniture with a mix of old and new items, like this Grecian candlestick holder.

Once again old meets new. The form of this item is similar to decorative oriental urns that flooded the British market in the 1900's, yet the minimalist metallic finish gives it a contemporary edge.  

This piece, personally, reminded me of a set of hardwood, Edwardian side-tables that once sat in my grand-parents snug. Like the urn pictured above, the form of this piece is traditional while the finish is modern.

Wax flowers will equally as beautiful on this stand as an iced cake! Use your imagination, don't be afraid of experimenting - a very Edwardian idea

Dress your walls! This is essential in creating this look. Light and quiet landscapes like this one are ideal, just make sure they tie in with your scheme in terms of them and colour. No need to match frames but be sure not to pic ones that will clash.

New Shiny Things!

We are heading over to Decorex at the end of the month to see all the new product lauches.

I can just about cope waiting two more weeks to see what's new and have my suppliers tormented to send me pics of the new items they will be showing at Decorex :)

 Luckly enough some have put up a preview of their collections so it will keep the nail biting at bay, one being Porta Romana ( . Known for they great selection of unusual lighting,  I thought I would blog a few of their lamps. A Feast for the eyes! Enjoy

"The Great Gatsby"

This look is all about sparkeling sequins, plush fabrics, and general splendour! It's fun, yet sophisticated, vintage, yet contemporary; capturing the mood of an era of huge economic, politicle and social change. The 20's marked the build up to the golden age of hollywood, aswell as the age of traveling; life in general was becoming more glamerous, this was reflected in some of the stunning interior design work completed at the time.

The beautiful mirrored finish of this bed suggests deco without looking too repro. It clean and modern withought being characterless or cold.

This stunning chest of drores has the curves and style of the best of deco furnishings. A beautiful example of traditional elegance translated into modern style

This fabulous rug will complement our metalic pieces rather then distract us from them. Subtle, sophisticated and stylish.

Place your powder compacts and perfume bottles on this stunning mirrored dressing table, reminiscent of the golden years. Clean and compact, not only is this beautiful, its also functional!

In a time when foreign antiquities were all the rage, items such as these were common place in all tasteful and eclectic schemes.

Silent movies were at their most fashionable during the years of "The Great Gatsby". Actresses such as Gloria Swanson and Greta Garbo would have graced the sets illuminated by spotlight such as this

Classical design in bold fabrics - a classical 1920s take on traditional

"Let them Eat Cake"

Lavish gowns, fabulous footwear, and hairstyles that incorporated everything from fruit to diamonds; Marie-Antoinette was the epitome of elegance and extravagance. This spread far beyond her wardrobe however; she lived in a world of flowers and feathers, beauty and indulgence, perhaps created to counterbalance a life that was somewhat less perfect. To this day, however, she has influenced fashion, art and interior design, providing us with the inspiration to create chintzy, feminine spaces, oozing with charm and prettiness.

Comfort is essential in creating this look succesfully. Choose seating that encourages the user to recline and relax, like this chaise longue pictured above.

Mirrored finishes are a fabulous way to create a delicate feel to any piece, enhancing the feminine look.

While upholstry should be kept relatively quiet, go to town on other fabrics. For cushions, throws and curtains, use big floral prints and pastel colours. Be frivolous!

Camouflage radiators by using elegant covers like this one pictured. This will assure a seamless scheme. Attention to detail is crucial!

This bed can be adorned with any fabric you choose due to the plain upholstery. The options are limitless!

Use ornate mirrors to reflect natural light and enhance the look.

Accessorising is crucial in creating this look. Think controlled clutter – perfume bottles, masks, busts, jewellery boxes – everything and anything ornate and beautiful

Glass chandeliers will bounce the light delicately around the room, while simple table lamps will provide light in dark spots while allowing you accessories to take centre stage.


"Hollywood Looks"

For all those movie-goers out there, you'll probably recognise the above image from the hilarious romantic comedy "Somethings Gotta Give" that graced the silver screen back in 2003. What you might not be aware of is that the films writer, director and producer, Nancy Meyers, also designed the above set among many others. Nancy is a creative genius, responsible for the fabulous sets seen in movies like "The Holliday" and "Father of the Bride". Her famous designs have gone on to influence decades of interior decor, due to the way in which comfort and elegtance are combined to provide elegant and cmaera friendly spaces. With 'New England' style growing in popularity this side of the Atlantic, we decided to re-examine the above set and break it down for our readers, providing images of the components that go into making schemes like this one so succesful.

Center lights should be kept simple and elegant, like this one - a paired down interpretation of the traditional chandelier.

To ensure your interiors provides the warmth and glow of the above set, ensure dark wall spaces are illuminated. This lamp is a perfect example!

Sofas, walls and armchairs should be kept neutral, colour can be injected into the room throught the use of cushions and accesories, this will keep the space feeling light, airy and crisp.

To achieve a simmilar look to the one above, stick to blue and grey tones with warmer linen fabrics. Stripes like these are great for the 'New Enlgand' look.

Cushions are an effective and easy way to make your room feel more comfortable! Try to keep them within the same colour family to prevent your space from appearing too busy.

Since the making of "Somethings Gotta Give" in 2003, we have seen a huge influxo f painted and stressed furniture on the market. It proves a popular and fashionable choice due to the honest and natural look it evokes.  

By using table lamps and other forms of lighting at different levels throughout the room, the space will appear more comfortable and welcoming.

Quiet and beautiful: The Jute rug is a no brainer for this particular look. Its rough, natural texture, will bring a warmth to any room, and will complete this scheme wonderfully.





"Rockin Rugs"


It is hard to find really different, cutting edge, contempory designer rugs  for your home.

I came across Knots Rugs in London while I was over for London Design Week. Knots Rugs are definately "rockin" with designer rugs from Missoni, Florence Broadhurst & Tracey Boyd they are are a staple in any rock star home.


"Peek a Boo"

Hi Everybody

This is my first blog!!! I am so excited to share with you all the things I love. Which is rather alot! Well there's no time like the present!

Today while researching the 50's for a project,I stumbled across these fabulous 50's Pin Up Cushions. With burlesque becoming an ever growing art with Dita Von Teese the most recognisable star it has a growing fan base.  

As Dita says "I advocate glamour. Every day. Every minute" 

Designed by London based Elizabeth Pinnock, the products showcase origional 50's illustrations of saucy ladies, tastefully attired of course! As Elizabeth in her own words describes " Saucy yet sophisticated, there's no need to hide them when Granny comes for tea".

Love, love, love them all & will be ordering them for the shop so let your inner 50's starlet out!  

Will catch up with everybody soon, once I start blogging I won't be able to stop.