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Blog: August, 2012

"The Great Gatsby"

This look is all about sparkeling sequins, plush fabrics, and general splendour! It's fun, yet sophisticated, vintage, yet contemporary; capturing the mood of an era of huge economic, politicle and social change. The 20's marked the build up to the golden age of hollywood, aswell as the age of traveling; life in general was becoming more glamerous, this was reflected in some of the stunning interior design work completed at the time.

The beautiful mirrored finish of this bed suggests deco without looking too repro. It clean and modern withought being characterless or cold.

This stunning chest of drores has the curves and style of the best of deco furnishings. A beautiful example of traditional elegance translated into modern style

This fabulous rug will complement our metalic pieces rather then distract us from them. Subtle, sophisticated and stylish.

Place your powder compacts and perfume bottles on this stunning mirrored dressing table, reminiscent of the golden years. Clean and compact, not only is this beautiful, its also functional!

In a time when foreign antiquities were all the rage, items such as these were common place in all tasteful and eclectic schemes.

Silent movies were at their most fashionable during the years of "The Great Gatsby". Actresses such as Gloria Swanson and Greta Garbo would have graced the sets illuminated by spotlight such as this

Classical design in bold fabrics - a classical 1920s take on traditional